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Oh Well, I Guess that It’s TTJT (Time to Join Them) with IFTTT

Well, I was patient, and I waited a year to see how Xamarin would integrate with Office 365. I was hoping for some new libraries and some new tutorials, so that I could eventually build that killer enterprise Xamarin app. Honestly, it would be nice to have a METAmessage for Android, which could offer the ability to customize the alerting functionality on your phone…but, alas, it seems that I’ll asphyxiate myself if I keep holding my breath.

So, I capitulated and just reverted to using IFTTT, so that it’ll just call me in specific cases. It’s not the ideal alert system, but it’s better than nothing. (Though I will admit that it’s fun to hear the automated voice of IFTTT as it reads my ridiculous excuse of an alert.)


My Procrastination Is Rewarded

I still have plans to eventually revisit my mobile app project for IT departments that need intelligent email monitoring, but I had been dragging my feet since I wasn’t looking forward to all the hard work and hours of debugging…until now! With the recent news, I’m starting to hope that any problems integrating Xamarin with Outlook and Azure will be gone in the near future.

Now I can write about Part 3, where I actually get the thing to work right!