Quick Tangent: Baby Steps

So, after eating ice cream and crying in order to get over the reality of an unlikely romance with my beloved vaporware, I emerged from my sadness with the determination to still create a prototype of my haunted house game. So, I decided to bite the bullet and start on my long trek to becoming a bit more experienced with creating IoT devices on my own. Not really knowing where to start, I looked online, and on a whim, I ordered the Windows 10 IoT Pack by Adafruit.

Since my last excursion with soldering took place when Radiohead was still a nascent band, it’s reason enough to say that my return to circuits will probably involve a significant learning curve. (That, and I momentarily thought that the kit’s mini breadboard was a thoughtful snack included in the package.) I’ll be playing with the various peripherals in the upcoming weeks, with the hopes that I’ll actually make some progress. First goal: make the Raspberry Pi repeatedly poll an Azure web service and get an indication to turn on a LED light. Even though it’s a modest goal, I’m sure that it won’t seem that way when it’s finally done. Good luck to me!


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