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Given to Open Source : Bibliophile+

Years ago, I dabbled with the idea of developing a platform that would present trivia about literature to interested bibliophiles, like which popular songs were inspired by famous books. Specifically, I thought that it would make an entertaining mobile app. (At around the same time and unknown to me until much later, a company called Small Demons had a similar idea and a much better implementation in the form of a robust web site. Unfortunately for them and for me, though, the general idea never found a core demographic.) After creating an iOS version, I decided to target something more appropriate, and I chose an eBook platform that I was fairly familiar with: the Nook. Taking some lessons from creating my first version of it and teaching myself the Android platform, I was able to create a much more user-friendly implementation for our Nook store (though obviously still novice). It didn’t exactly turn me into a millionaire, but I was still proud of it nonetheless.

A few weeks ago, I happened to stumble on the original source code, and I decided that it was time to find it a good home, somewhere other than my old hard drive. I’ll admit that it wasn’t designed all that well, but since this was also my first real Android project, I’m inclined to forgive myself. I’ve uploaded the project to GitHub, so that it may endure for posterity. For the purpose of inspiration or amusement through ridicule, only time will tell. 🙂