Quick Tangent: The Heartbreak of VDKs

As I proposed in an earlier post, it would be cool to transform one’s home into an haunted house. However, given that it would be a rather tiresome chore to implement all of it from scratch, I wasn’t seriously thinking about committing to such an endeavor…until someone pointed a possible replacement for all of the hardware and software regarding the sensors: the Tile App product product. Hmmmm…that would be a cool idea, if they happened to have a SDK available for it. “They wouldn’t…wait a minute…they’ve been talking about an available SDK since 2014?” Excited, I looked for this promised SDK on their site…but to no avail: my dream of a SDK turned out to be a real VDK (i.e., vaporware development kit). Hopefully, my broken developer heart will one day bloom again with the sight of such a shiny, new SDK…but based on past experience, I’m not holding my breath.


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