Quick Tangent: I Didn’t Invent That?

InfoQ editor Ralph Winzinger was kind enough to enlighten me the other day. During a discussion, I briefly described an idea of how to help create the next iteration towards an ideal Semantic Web. It wasn’t an amazing piece of engineering, but I thought that I may have been the first to structure this particular step towards a final solution. However, it didn’t take long for that particular bubble to be popped. He explained that such an idea had already been proposed years ago, and after further investigation, I discovered that developers were already starting to develop frameworks using it! With chagrin, I accepted the truth as an amusing way to impart some humility. However, it does make me wonder how many other such moments are shared by those of us who create software. I’m sure that it’s enough to fill volumes, and I’m also confident that it’d be an enjoyable read. 🙂


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